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Biogas power generation - a trend in the future power industry

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Biogas power generation - a trend in the future power industry


Biogas power generations use a gas engine or a fuel engine that uses biogas as fuel to generate power to drive the generator for electricity.

Biogas power generation is a technology which appears with the development of large-scale construction of biogas and biogas comprehensive utilization. The biogas used for engines is produced by anaerobic fermentation. Equipped with an integrated power generating unit, it can generate electricity and heat. Biogas power generation has many advantages, such as efficient, energy-saving, safe and eco-friendly. It is a widely distributed and cheap energy source.

Biogas power generation has received extensive attention and promotion in developed countries. Biomass power generation accounts for about 10% of total energy in some countries of Western Europe.

China's biogas power generation has a history of more than 30 years. in the "15th" period, China has developed 20 ~ 600kW pure combustion biogas generator series. Gas consumption rate reaches 0.6 to 0.8m0/kwh, (biogas calorific value ~>21MJ/m0). But the domestic research and application market of biogas power is still not mature, especially the research for small-scale biogas power generation technology used on China's vast rural areas. There are many places under serious power shortage in remote areas of our country. For example, in pastoral areas, remote mountain areas and islands, high-voltage transmission is still very difficult to transport, while these areas have planty of biomass materials. If we can develop small marsh power stations according to local conditions, we can learn from each other and supply electricity locally.

Under the policy of national energy conservation and environmental protection, biogas power generation will be better developed. As experts predict, it will also bring a revolution in the industry.